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WP Lead Celebrity Review & Bonus

WP Lead Celebrity is by making a business owner's current website more than an authority, more than an expert, but a celebrity, conversions to increase on them. It does this by creating 3D animated lead bait for internet visitors to interact. WP Lead Celeb will induce interaction between visitors and the webpage.
Essentially it's a WP Lead Celeb that allows business owners to produce leads, the lifeblood of any company. Additionally this plugin will raise conversions of visitors to optins. These can then be sent on to PLR, CPA, Affiliate Sites, Advice Merchandise or precious digital assets.
Measure # 1: Install a WP Plugin that is simple and open the Plugin.
Measure # 2 type in a title in a title box inside the kind that is simple.
Measure # 3: Copy and paste a link to your publication picture in a text box inside the WP Plugin (Any png, jpg, jpeg, gif could be used for a cover picture.)
Step #4: Add a Description of the publication (it is possible to copy and paste this from Amazon or type it in manually.)
Measure #5: Then copy and paste the link you desire the image to link to: Amazon Affiliate Link, optin page, or Clickbank Product, any affiliate link or landing page.
Step #6: Instantly click the "Generate Code" button to create the 3D Animated Book Cover HTML Code.
Measure #7: Copy and Paste the HTML Code and Save it. That's It!
With WP Lead Star you're empowered animated high tech sales power used by Amazon everyday to sell books by the millions!
Your customers will be easily impressed by you because if you're able to pull off sleek Amazon 3D Animated technology (which price Amazon millions to develop).
You may use the 3D novel image so when someone clicks on it they are redirects them to an optin page for collecting emails for your list (for huge list building potential), or to forthwith link to an order page (more task creates more sales) or an affiliate pre-sell page (to ensure more click throughs to the seller's page).
WP Lead Celebrity creates professional looking 3D Book covers with page reversing actions all without expense or the work of expensive Photoshop Images, PHP coding, or CSS headaches.

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